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Air compressors - Air conditioning - Architectural metal works - Autoclaves - Automotive Industry - Aviation Industry
Bent segments - Beverage processing - Boilers
Cargo vessels - Chimney tubes - Concrete mixers - Cones - Coolers - Cooling fabrication
Drilling rigs - Electric motors - Excavating machinery
Fabricating equipment - Filters - Food processing - Fuel tanks - Grain storage systems
Heat exchangers - Heavy equipment loaders - Industrial turbines
Military vessels - Mining equipment - Nuclear reactors - Offshore applications
Passenger ships and Ferries - Pipe structures - Pipelines - Power plants - Pressure vessels
Reactor tanks - Road compacting equipment - Snow plows - Stationary and storage tanks - Structural steel manufacturing
Tanks for road and rail vehicles - Tunnel and Mining - Ventilation systems
Water heaters - Water treatment equipment - Wind towers - Yachts


We are your "solutions partner" always trying to add value to every MG customer. We accomplish this by providing consulting and application engineering services; producing a variety of state-of-the-art machinery, tools and CNC automation; keeping our customers informed of the latest technologies by offering seminars and workshop; as well as providing efficient, customer friendly after sale support and service.

machine pit NOT needed: vertical configuration, 4-roll

forming rib pipes: always perfect

rolling corrugated steel: automatic loading, unloading, double-arm side support

4-roll profile bending: more capacity on bigger diameters

cone rolling: MG is the specialist in conical shapes