CNC system

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Touch Command EVO is the latest version of our CNC system completely integrated with MG machines, built by MG DELSY with first-hand experience and knowledge. The control retains its easy to use interface that our customers have enjoyed; underneath it there is a new extremely powerful engine which delivers a precision of control never before found on a plate rolling machine. This is mainly achieved by the new closed loop system which constantly monitors the rotation and side roll positions.
There are some challenges when it comes to designing a true CNC control for a plate rolling machine: the main one is the difference in yield tolerances of the material being rolled. MG has taken the unique approach of designing a material library that can be adjusted to work specifically with the material you are receiving. This is done by making 3 test bends with your specific material and inputting the diameters that were actually achieved.

Once this is done and the computer understands how your material reacts or springs back, it can accurately auto-generate programs of virtually any shape required with the material you adjusted the library for: round, square, triangle, elliptical.

We recommend MG's automated controls for high volume cylinder and shell production, or to roll complex shapes that are not easily reproduced by using manual machine controls. Multiple bends, variable radius bends, ovals and the like are some examples.

Programs: virtually unlimited.
Steps per program: unlimited.
Real Time Linux operating system.
Integrated 3D graphical engine.
Quad core Atom 1.6 GHz Arm low power fanless: industrial range.
SODIMM DDR Memory 1 GB Industrial.
Direct connection of the LVDS LCD display.
HDMI and VGA port for external monitor.

15” 5W resistive touch screen. 
15” LVDS TFT new generation LCD Led backlight display. 
Front panel with 4 USB 2.0 ports and 1 RJ45 Ethernet.
Automatic Synchronization Movements. 
Expandible I/O for additional axes.
Closed loop proportional valves control.
High speed RS485-RJ45-CANBUS communication bus.
Automatic power Off for energy saving.

Real Time Application Interface
Automatic Syncro Movement
Interpolation Trajectory Display
Proportional Bending System
Import of DXF files from USB, Ethernet.
Online Assistance Real Time
Automatic oil Indicator
Visual Diagnostic Software for I/O testing
CANBUS Communication
External program Generator (PC, Notebook, Tablet)
Video Signal Output for big external monitor.
4 USB Ports on the Frame of the CNC
Ethernet CNC connection
Radiation Protection Components
Back-up every time the CNC is powered off.
3 Tests system for Libraries generation
Auto Calibration Function.