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The MG SRL was founded in Fossano, in the Cuneo area, in 1959, specialized in the construction of industrial automations. In 1981 the construction of bending machines for sheet metal and profiles began and, a few years later, concentrated efforts and investments aimed at improving production.

On a surface of 6000 square meters covered and a total of 12,000 square meters of land, MG SRL is today one of the leading companies in the sector. It is able to meet any need for calendering and to offer a wide range of models with working length from 500 mm to 8000 mm and capacity from 1 to 300 mm. MG calenders are designed and manufactured to obtain performances equal to 3 times the diameter of their upper roll with sheets having yield 260N / mm2.
Not only that, the MG calenders are now the protagonists of a technical and constructive renewal, an innovation whose results will be better performances. New solutions make them more robust, more reliable, and more beautiful, while maintaining the right quality / price ratio. All this is possible thanks to the merger which took place in November 2011 with Delsy srl, the best manufacturer of numerical controls in this sector in the world. The design and implementation of numerical controls for industrial machines has always been a source of immense pride on the part of Delsy. The software department is always working to improve the software necessary to guarantee excellence in production.
The G series bending machines, three rollers, M, 4 rollers, F, two rollers, PH three rollers with variable axes, and AR series, curvaprofili, in 3 and 4 rollers, are the result of continuous research, product updates, and use of cutting-edge components and solutions.
Each machine is the subject of a study dedicated to the needs of each client. The MG also began the construction of leveling machines, the SP models.


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