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LA STAMPA article: MG Industry 4.0

Internet delle cose: per competere, fabbriche e prodotti devono essere interconnessi da piattaforme che li rendano intelligenti.

Synthesis of Advantages

Synthesis plate rolls offer strong benefits, bending SUPER THICK steel (up to 300 mm) for the fabricators of infrastructure, power generation, wind towers, ship building and vessels. The innovative Synthesis system is based on...


MG plate rolls in the Automotive Industry: 200 exhaust system silencers per hour. High-performance by MG.

Steel Straightening in Siberia

MG plate Straighteners are able to work at the extreme north, the Arctic Circle.

Metalworking World Magazine

Article focused on the innovative plate rolls made by MG: the best for conical bending.

Machine Tool Market

Article on MTM regarding our new plate rolling machine SYNTHESIS.

New plate roll SYNTHESIS

New MG plate rolling machines. Synthesis of advantages: 4-roll bending productivity, together with 3-roll flexibility.

New Article 2016

Straightening machines for plates up to 65 mm. with CNC control made by MG Delsy.

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